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Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is a gentle but powerful technique that works by balancing the autonomic nervous system, which controls more than 80% of our bodily functions.The nervous system functions like a vast communication network. Feedback is constantly exchanged among different parts of the brain. Tapping into these feedback loops and adding new information can accelerate healing – this is the philosophy behind the Bowen technique.  

A Bowen treatment consists of a series of gentle but precise mobilizations performed by the thumbs or fingers on muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerve sheaths. First, the skin is pulled to the side of the structure; gentle pressure is then applied to the edge of the muscle to a point of resistance. This challenges the muscle and pushes it out of its normal position. Next, a gentle rolling move is performed over the structure while maintaining gentle pressure on the site. This stimulates the proprioceptors’ sending of information through the nervous system to the brain. The body is sent a message that the emergency is over, and it is now possible to initiate healing.  

Put simply, a Bowen treatment resets the body and allows it to heal itself. After each series of Bowen moves, there is an important pause to allow the body to respond to new information from the proprioceptors. It is during this pause that the body begins to make changes.
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