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Pain Management

Chronic and acute pain are well treated using Naturopathic Medicine. The goal of naturopathic treatment is pain reduction and pain management, often with eventual complete elimination of pain. Conventional medication for pain management may have unwanted side effects, where as naturopathic treatments are safe and effective, with little to no side effects. You may want to try naturopathic medicine alone for pain management, or as a complement to your current treatment/medication.  Your naturopathic doctor will do a thorough investigation to identify underlying factors in your acute or chronic pain, including lifestyle (ie. sleep, stress, level of activity, diet), general health (ie. hormones, toxicity) and history of injury. Underlying factors are addressed using appropriate naturopathic therapies in a complementary fashion. Naturopathic treatment for pain management may include Acupuncture, Cleansing protocols, Dietary recommendations, Nutritional supplements, Herbal Medicine, Bowen therapy, Homeopathy and Exercise and Lifestyle counseling.
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The Naturopathic doctors at Naturally Well consider the multiple factors which may contribute to your health concerns, and provide an individualized treatment plan which will encourage a healing and will help you to reach your personal health goals.

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