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Intravenous Therapy

Ideally, we get all of our required nutrients through diet alone.  There are some instances where the foods that we eat and even the supplements that we take do not result in proper nutrition at the cellular level.  The advantage of IV vitamin therapy is that the nutrients bypass the stomach and go directly into the bloodstream where they are able to rapidly reach cells.  By nourishing the cells the body’s inherit healing mechanisms are restored.  Intravenous Therapy has documented benefits for many different health concerns like immune balancing, bowel intolerances, chronic fatigue, sports recovery, detoxification, mood disorders and infection fighting.  

Much of the research on the benefits of IV vitamin therapy has been focused on it’s role in the treatment and recovery of cancer.   The Naturopathic doctors at Naturally Well have the additional training and experience to identify if you are a candidate for Intravenous therapy and to individualize the treatment based on your needs.  IV vitamin therapy is a specialized treatment that can provide effective results that may not be found in other therapies.
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The Naturopathic doctors at Naturally Well consider the multiple factors which may contribute to your health concerns, and provide an individualized treatment plan which will encourage a healing and will help you to reach your personal health goals.

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