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Biocranial Therapy

Robert Boyd, D.O. The human cranium (skull) consists of 22 individual bones.  In the early 20th century, Osteopaths physicians discovered that the cranium was not simply a “fused box” that remained totally “fixed” in adulthood.  Rather, it was determined that there was an almost imperceptible movement that took place in a regular, rhythmic fashion relating to the elaboration and absorption of cerebral spinal fluid.  When there has been a head injury, or birth trauma from a difficult birth, this natural rhythm (or mechanism on which the rhythm depends) can be distorted leading to a number of potential health concerns.  

Looking for a better way to treat cranial lesions or dysfunctions, Robert Boyd, an Irish Osteopath developed the Bio Cranial System (Therapy).  Using his previous engineering reasoning, he determined that the best way to correct a dysfunction of the cranium was to apply a strong stretch of the trapezius muscle (which is attached to the occiput) and to make a specific hand contact on the occiput, holding that stretch for less than one minute.  It took Dr. Boyd ten years of trial and error until he found the most effective treatment based on this very precise move.  Dr. Boyd also found that when you correct the cranium, not only could you see improvements in symptoms relating to the head (such as headaches, TMJ problems, etc.) that often corrections in spinal alignment and the extremities . . . and even systemic changes could be seen.
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